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Summer and Winter Syrups - Versatility is its name

Syrups can be used in many ways and be enjoyed by young and old. On a hot summer's day it can give life to a thirst quenching drink. And, on a cold winter's night its scent and flavour can give you a sense of great comfort.

A tot or two can go a long way...

There are so many different flavours available on the market for virgin and alcoholic drinks. We pride ourselves with the uniqueness in our range of flavours. Our summery flavours are infused with real fruit to give authenticity to our product.

Even though summer is almost on its way out, here in South Africa, our Ice tea syrups can be used in your hot drinks as well. This will give a new twist to how flavoured fresh teas are prepared this winter.

If you have ever wanted to add something special to your barista's quality coffee then you can add an extra layer of flavour by using our premium or gourmet syrups - all year round!

So, we have decided to do something different, this season, and launch two new versatile syrup ranges that are new to market and specialised for tonics and milk shakes. These products will be available from mid-March 2018 via our website.

Our tonic syrup range is almost ready to launch in new exciting flavours:
Lemon, Lime, Litchi, Plain, Passion fruit (Granadilla), Pomegranate and Strawberry.

Our milk shake range will be available in these creamy complimenting flavours:
Banana, Bubblegum, Chocolate, Lime, and Strawberry.

Enjoy the Syrups-sensation!