Cinnamon and Apple Iced Tea Syrup

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Whether you're looking for a tasty drink to enjoy with family and friends or a refreshing drink for your own family, we have a great selection of syrups to suit everyone's tastes. Give your favorite ice tea a refreshing twist with our unique blend of citrus and crisp apple. Our concentrated syrup is a perfect way to enjoy the benefits of a natural, premium rooibos tea.

Enjoy the taste of rooibos tea with a twist of cinnamon and apple. This delicious rooibos syrup is perfect for making your own iced tea at home or for enjoying at any time. It's also perfect for blending into cool teas.

Our ice tea concentrates come in the following and has a 1:6 dilution

500ml = 3L of Tea
750ml = 4.5L of Tea
1L = 6L of Tea
2.5L =15L of Tea
5L = 30L of Tea