Coconut and Apple Iced Tea Syrup

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Enjoy more of your favorite drinks without the extra calories and additives with our versatile fruit and rooibos ice tea syrups. Sweet, refreshing and satisfying, these syrups are perfect for enjoying with a variety of drinks. Whether you need a little boost of energy or just a delicious topper to your favorite ice tea, our syrups can be added to almost any beverage for a healthy, natural boost. Pureed fruit and rooibos tea ingredients form a naturally sweet and delicious flavor. Available in a variety of flavors to complement a wide variety of drinks.

Our ice tea concentrates come in the following and has a 1:6 dilution

500ml = 3L of Tea
750ml = 4.5L of Tea
1L = 6L of Tea
2.5L =15L of Tea
5L = 30L of Tea