Kiwi Iced Tea Syrup

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Enjoy this delicious, indulgent dream of a tea experience when you add our Kiwi fruit ice tea syrup to your favorite beverage for a refreshing twist on the traditional iced tea. Combining sweetened, ice cold fruit with the refreshing flavor of our pure-pressed Rooibos tea, this unique ice tea syrup is a refreshing and refined twist that will make you feel like you are drinking the real thing. A great way to get a taste of the authentic taste of Rooibos tea minus the commitment of a whole tea bag. A delicious, indulgent dream experience anyone can enjoy.


Our ice tea concentrates come in the following and has a 1:6 dilution

500ml = 3L of Tea
750ml = 4.5L of Tea
1L = 6L of Tea
2.5L =15L of Tea
5L = 30L of Tea